On and off during the last 25 years Carla, Mercedes and Chrissie have met “on the European cultural scene”. A little over a year ago, they decided it was time for women leaders in the cultural sector in Europe to come together, take stock and plan for the future.

Carla Delfos, founder of the European League of Institutes of the Arts and currently leading Art Futures in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Mercedes Giovinazzo, Director of Interarts in Barcelona, Spain and Chrissie Tiller, Creative Consultant in London, United Kingdom, jointly developed a plan to set up the “Disorderly Women” alliance.

The aim of the “Disorderly Women” alliance is to encourage solidarity among women in leadership roles in the cultural sector in Europe and to raise their visibility. It also aims to empower both established and emerging generations by reflecting on urgent and timely perspectives, sharing experiences, exchanging competences and fostering new collaborations and connections.

Its first kick-off event took place in Basel in July 2018 and convened 40 women leaders in the cultural sector from 14 European countries to discuss urgent and timely perspectives of women in leadership positions in the cultural sector in Europe, share experiences, exchange competences and foster new collaborations and connections. The event was hosted by Kirsten Langkilde, Rector of the FNHW – Academy of Art and Design in Basel, Switzerland.

The structure of the “Disorderly Women” alliance is light, open and flexible. It is owned by everyone involved. Its action plans are endorsed by all those participating in its meetings.